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Injuries & suspensions to over 20 soccer leagues + shots on goals, corners etc.!

Service ends 31.10.2017

AnnaBet.com offers now information of soccer player injuries and suspensions to over 20 top leagues! Data is updated in every couple of hours. You can also see injuries for any team you compare in our head-to-head statistics if we have data available for the team(s).  This data is based on third party service. AnnaBet.com accepts no liability whatsoever for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions.

For these leagues we will also have detailed game statistics on shots, cards and corners, goal scoring minutes etc. for the latest games.  You can see these detailed statistics by clicking any game result.

Head-to-head statistics shows you also teams’ total shots on goal data when there is enough data available for the games listed (user can choose how many latest games to show and also filter the data by many great options):

More new features will be added in the near future – especially for our Statistics Pro -subscribers.

Here are the leagues where we currently have this new data available: