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Goal difference statistics added

How often does an ice hockey game end with one goal margin in the regular time? Or any league / sports – any goal margin. Are you afraid of empty net goal – especially in correct score betting and handicap betting? Choose league -> Special Statistics -> Score Stats. See demo: http://annabet.com/en/soccerstats/score_stats.php?serie=1&season=1 (English Premier League 2007-2008 demo)

Purchase Statistics Pro to get full access: http://annabet.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=60&language=en

Here is demo of NHL 2012-2013 season:

0 goal difference means the game has ended tie (regular time statistics only). On the actual statistics page you can mouseover percentages (%) to see value odds. For example 20.0% = EU decimal 5.00, UK 4/1 and US +400 value odds.

Mobile website launched


This is the address for our newly launched mobile website! In this first version we have the most popular upcoming games (first starting games first) with odds comparison and previous games results. Note that most of the booker links actually leads you to bookers’ mobile website so that you can bet on your mobile device too! (and register new accounts with great mobile betting bonuses) League pages includes latest results, upcoming games and league tables. There are also links to latest news around the world. Contact us for feature requests and other feedback.

English version direct link annabet.com/en/m/  Finnish version annabet.com/fi/m/

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