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Renewed sports main pages! Tip: click odds to open odds comparison

When you open our recently renewed soccer statistics main page  (or any other sports), you have probably noticed that by clicking a team name opens head-to-head statistics and clicking league or tournament name opens our league statistics. You probably haven’t noticed that by clicking any of the odds takes you directly to odds comparison.


There are now several tabs to choose. International shows only international games and Popular matches currently most clicked head-to-head statistics in that sports. Results search let’s you search results by team names and year. Visitor statistics tells you the top list of countries where from our visitors are (per sports). It is based on unique IP addresses on our head-to-head statistics – not the amount of clicks.

Expected lineups and official lineups to over 20 soccer leagues

Service ends 31.10.2017

A short time ago we added info on soccer player injuries and suspensions (link) and now you can also see expected lineups and official lineups (near game start) to over 20 soccer leagues in our head-to-head soccer statistics. Possible injuries are listed below lineups.

Injuries & suspensions to over 20 soccer leagues + shots on goals, corners etc.!

Service ends 31.10.2017

AnnaBet.com offers now information of soccer player injuries and suspensions to over 20 top leagues! Data is updated in every couple of hours. You can also see injuries for any team you compare in our head-to-head statistics if we have data available for the team(s).  This data is based on third party service. AnnaBet.com accepts no liability whatsoever for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions.

For these leagues we will also have detailed game statistics on shots, cards and corners, goal scoring minutes etc. for the latest games.  You can see these detailed statistics by clicking any game result.

Head-to-head statistics shows you also teams’ total shots on goal data when there is enough data available for the games listed (user can choose how many latest games to show and also filter the data by many great options):

More new features will be added in the near future – especially for our Statistics Pro -subscribers.

Here are the leagues where we currently have this new data available:

Statistics Pro free trial available

You can now try our amazing Statistics Pro service for free. Just log in to our main site or register for free if you don’t yet have an account. Then compare any teams and click Activate free trial.

Confirm pop-up window will appear and after confirming the page will reload with full access to Statistics Pro features.

If you later on choose to pay for these statistics, you will help us develop them more and more. There is lots of manual work what we do here 365 days a year to help you analyzing games and win more in sports betting.

Here is our top list of bookers and betting exchanges that do not limit winning players: PinnacleSports, Betfair, Matchbook.

Statistics Pro features at the time of this post:

Some examples: “show me games of team A vs team B in NHL playoffs where team A was heavy favorite with 1×2 odds under 1.50 and team B underdog with odds 3.00+ and also show me all these games results and statistics as -1.5 handicap for the team A!”

“Show me the 1st half 1×2% distribution where Arsenal was <1.40 odds heavy favorite at home and Stoke 4.50+ underdog at away and show me the current 1st half 1×2 odds comparison too!”

Basketball example: “show me how New York Knicks has played as heavy favorite with -9.5 handicap!”

Live betting example: “show me all the games where Arsenal was leading 1-0 and Stoke down 0-1 after 1st half” – you can mix any of the stats data filtering totally as you wish!

New 30.5.2013:  Elo ratings based power ratings -> probability estimations -> value odds for international soccer and ice hockey games!

New 10.6.2013: Correct Score statistics. Total Goals statistics. Full access. See demo: http://annabet.com/en/soccerstats/score_stats.php?serie=1&season=1

New 11.6.2013: Halftime/fulltime statistics. Full access. See demo: http://annabet.com/en/soccerstats/htft.php?serie=1&season=1

New 12.6.2013: Longest streaks: conceded goal, over/under x total goals (user selectable) -streak.

New 22.7.2013: Power ratings history graph.

New 22.10.2013: Goal difference statistics. How often does an ice hockey game end with one goal margin? Or any league / sports – any goal margin. Choose league -> Special Statistics -> Score Stats. See demo: http://annabet.com/en/soccerstats/score_stats.php?serie=1&season=1

New 1.1.2014: Maximum number of previous games to show now rised to 90 (see customize statistics).

New 12.1.2014: You can now filter games by season! You can also make it a default setting to show only current season games (see customize statistics). For national teams this default setting will be ignored (on purpose) but you can use the season filter menu to show only certain season games.

New 8.2.2014: Users can now easily choose totals limit (over / under x goals or points) for statistics. More intelligent “Against common opponents” feature now shows games that has less time interval between them + still being as latest games as possible.

New 9.2.2014: Improved live betting filtering: you can now also filter results after 2. period (ice hockey) or use BOTH 1. and 2. period filtering. For example showing results of games that are 1-1 after 1. period and 2-2 after 2. period (any kind of combos and results). You can now also show results of just 2. period (or 3.) when filtering on 1. period score.

New 7.5.2014: Time Machine! Go back in time when comparing teams. All the stats (including league tables, form, previous games, power ratings etc) are then shown as back in that date. Read more.

New 14.6.2014: Soccer Half Time / Full Time data in H2H game summary (when we have the half time score available in database).

New 19.6.2014: International games H2H: automatically showing games against the opponent’s continent’s teams. For example “Argentina vs Europe” and “England vs South America” when comparing Argentina and England.

New 24.6.2014: It is now possible to show only Regular Season / Group Stage games in H2H statistics.

New 19.8.2014: Auto Odds Range Filter in H2H statistics gives you 1-click option to filter similar odds games for both teams.

New 3.10.2014: Live betting filtering added to basketball (1. – 3. quarter).

New 19.11.2014: Added American Football (NFL, CFL) statistics.

New 9.1.2015: Added volleyball statistics.

New 29.7.2015: Country vs Country national teams and Country vs Country club teams statistics. For example if you compare Arsenal vs Juventus you will automatically see all the games from English clubs vs Italian clubs, and also English national teams (including youth teams) vs Italian national teams in separate statistics.

New 16.6.2016: Auto Odds Range Filter II in H2H statistics gives you 1-click option to filter similar odds games for both teams. This has wider odds range than the previous version.

Statistics Pro new features

Our Statistics Pro service just got couple of updates:

When you compare clubs from different countries (for example Champions League and UEFA Europa League games) you will now see separately previous games of clubs from those countries and national teams from those countries (including youth teams) playing against each other:

In this screenshot we compare PAOK Saloniki from Greece with Trnava from Slovakia.

Another new feature for all registered users: when you compare teams (H2H stats) there is now weather search and maps search buttons right below the team name (when we know the team’s city):

So, usually, just one click and you will see current weather and weather forecast for the game. You only need to be logged in to see these. It is free to create a user account to our site. You will get many benefits.