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Goal difference statistics added

How often does an ice hockey game end with one goal margin in the regular time? Or any league / sports – any goal margin. Are you afraid of empty net goal – especially in correct score betting and handicap betting? Choose league -> Special Statistics -> Score Stats. See demo: (English Premier League 2007-2008 demo)

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Here is demo of NHL 2012-2013 season:

0 goal difference means the game has ended tie (regular time statistics only). On the actual statistics page you can mouseover percentages (%) to see value odds. For example 20.0% = EU decimal 5.00, UK 4/1 and US +400 value odds.

Added graphs in statistics

Customizable team performance graphs added to our head-to-head team comparison statistics:

This example is from BK H√§cken vs AIK comparison. It is based on your previous games settings and data filtering. In this example we have all previous 20 games for both teams, but you can customize the number of games, home team at home vs away team away, first half data only, 1×2 odds filtering etc.

Update: This post was originally made before the above example game was started. The result was 3-2 win for AIK (with much more solid performance graph ūüėČ ). AIK was the underdog by bookers’ odds (3.24, 9/4 and more).

On the Season subpage of each league there are now home advantage graph and over x.5 goals graph. This example is from English Premier League:

The graphs at the bottom are the new features. You can instantly see that there has been growing number of over 2.5 total goals games in the previous seasons.

There is also something special for Statistics Pro customers when comparing national teams ūüôā

Update 23.7.2013: Bet Simulator II released with graphs and improvements in simulation calculations:


New: baseball statistics and more bookers!

We have now added baseball statistics! Our site top menu needed some restructuring, and now you’ll find Contact Us and new Baseball statistics under “More…” button. English baseball site address is:

Our leagues at this launch are: MLB, Liga Mexicana de B√©isbol (LMB), Japanese NPB and Italian IBL. Our statistics system is based on “goals” terms so in baseball they naturally mean “runs”. We’ll try to update those terms for baseball in the future.

Update your booker selection

If you are registered user, please go to Customize Settings -page because there are new bookers to choose to odds comparison in head-to-head statistics. If you have previously customized settings, these new bookers are not chosen by default.

Football Elo ratings calculations added to PoissoNed! Pro

Football Elo ratings calculations added to PoissoNed! Pro: Enter both teams Elo ratings (or AnnaBet Power Ratings) and your estimation of total goals to get tons of probabilities. PoissoNed! is a mathematical tool to calculate football probabilities based on your goal expectations. It can also be helpful in other low scoring sports like ice hockey.

In this example I have used AnnaBet Power Ratings values of Italy U19 and Bosnia & Herzegovina U19 and estimated total goals of 2,85. Tie probability multiplier is optional. It can be used to adjust tie probability. For example value of 1,1 would add 10% (multiply by 1,1).

Elo ratings calculations are only available in PoissoNed! Pro version. You can buy it from our web store.