New: improved statistics for live betting, women sports added

New features to our Statistics Pro -service:

8.2.2014: Users can now easily choose totals limit (over / under x goals or points) for statistics. More intelligent “Against common opponents” feature now shows games that has less time interval between them + still being as latest games as possible.

9.2.2014: Improved live betting filtering: you can now also filter results after 2. period (ice hockey) or use BOTH 1. and 2. period filtering. For example showing results of games that are 1-1 after 1. period and 2-2 after 2. period (any kind of combos and results). You can now also show results of just 2. period (or 3.) when filtering on 1. period score.

Example on yesterday’s Russia – Germany women olympics ice hockey being 0-0 after 1. period (pre-game odds 1.30 – 6.00 – 6.50):

Above you can see all the 2. period results for any games where Russia has been great favorite (odds <= 1.30 decimal, you can also use fractional and US odds) and Germany as a major underdog (odds >= 6.00).

Example odds above from Betsson live betting for 2nd period total goals under 1.5. The score was Russia – Germany 0-1 after 2. period. Now let’s look how the teams has performed in similar situations after 2. period:

Now we have selected Russia 1 goal down and Germany 1 goal lead after 2. period. There were 3 similar games before this (note that there are also the odds filtering included: <= 1.30 for Russia and >= 6.00 for Germany) and not once had Germany held this lead. We also did some expanded search on Russia’s chances to win from behind at the 3. period (+incl. overtime & pen.) and Germany’s chance to keep the lead, before making the bet decisions.

Here you can see some example odds from Betsson for this kind of live betting. You can also calculate handicap statistics (pre-game or live betting) for example Russia -2.5 goals / Germany +2.5 goals after 1. period 2 goals lead by Russia (2 goals down by Germany). Really, really cool and easy way to study game data – especially for betting purposes.

As you noticed, we have now added many women’s sports statistics including:

If you have some statistics that we don’t yet have, and you can share that to us, please contact us.