Statistics Pro new features

Going to show you some great stuff you are able to get when purchasing our Statistics Pro -service.

This was added only today (12.6.2013):

This is from our head-to-head comparison (h2h) page for Ghana vs Ivory Coast

Statistics Pro only: longest streaks and current streak of having conceded a goal in game. See Ghana here record of 19 concecutive games and currently only 1 game streak of letting in a goal. Ivory Coast on the other hand has not conceded a goal in their last 2 games (conceded goal = -2). So a negative number here means the opposite. It is obvious on the over / under 2.5 goals streak. If team currently has 3 goals streak of over 2.5 total goals games, then it also has a -3 streak as under 2.5 goals games. You can actually customize this total goals limit: exactly 2 goals, 1.5, 3.0, anything. It can have negative number on both over and under side if the team currently has played exactly x goals game(s). For example if you choose limit of over / under 2 goals and both teams have played 1-1 score their previous games then it would be -1 on both over 2 total goals and under 2 total goals games because they have not played over nor under 2 goals games in their last 1 games.

Also just added couple of days ago: Special Statistics tab in every league page. This is from English Premier League (EPL):

If you click Score Stats -button you’ll get the following statistics:

You can sort the columns by clicking it and if you put your mouse cursor over the percentage (%) value you’ll see percentage as value odds (for example 50.0% = 2.00 in decimal value odds, 1/1 UK, +100 in US odds). This actually works in all the percentages seen in league pages and subpages.

If you click Half Time / Full Time -button from the Special Statistics you’ll get this:

All the amazing data filtering that you can do for each team when comparing them, you’d better just try it yourself in this demo:

Some examples: “show me games of team A vs team B in NHL playoffs where team A was heavy favorite with 1×2 odds under 1.50 and team B underdog with odds 3.00+ and also show me all these games results and statistics as -1.5 handicap for the team A!”

“Show me the 1st half 1×2% distribution where Arsenal was <1.40 odds heavy favorite at home and Stoke 4.50+ underdog at away and show me the current 1st half 1×2 odds comparison too!”

Basketball example: “show me how New York Knicks has played as heavy favorite with -9.5 handicap!”

Live betting example: “show me all the games where Arsenal was leading 1-0 and Stoke down 0-1 after 1st half” – you can mix any of the stats data filtering totally as you wish!

New 30.5.2013:  Elo ratings based power ratings -> probability estimations -> value odds for international soccer and ice hockey games!

Odds comparison is also available in UK and US odds. Just register and login to our site and click Customize Statistics.

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