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Wizard Of Odds guide

Arbitrage Calculator

Use arbitrage calculator to calculate sure win where you bet on each possible outcome at the best available odds. In this example we are placing 6 bets (for example a group winner) so that no matter which of the six teams [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6] wins we will get 9.06% profit as showed by our calculator. Input your total stake and the calculator divides the stake for each outcome so that sure win is possible.

See Arbitrage betting at Wikipedia

Cover Calculator

You wish to place moneyline or double chance bet but your booker doesn’t offer that option? Here comes the Cover Calculator! You only need 1×2 odds and our calculator helps you divide your stake so that you can have either moneyline or double chance bet (and couple of other options too). In this example we want to place Team A to win @ 5.50 odds and we are covering it with a draw (tie) bet @ 3.70. As the calculator shows we will get moneyline odds of 4.014 for Team A to win (meaning that we’ll get our stake back in the case of a tie). We want to place €100 total bet, and using our calculator you divide your stake as €72.79 for Team A to win and €27.03 for the tie bet.

In this second example we show you how to use Cover Calculator with two (2) cover bets. We are pretty sure that Team A will be a group winner, but we are also a bit afraid that Team B or Team C might also have a chance, so we’d like to get our stake back if that happens. So ‘odds to win’ will be the odds for Team A (3.50 in this exaple), Team B is ‘odds to cover’ (6.00) and Team C is ‘odds to cover II’ (14.00). We have total stake of €100 which will return €266.67 when Team A wins and returns our €100 if either Team B or Team C wins.

So here was couple of examples how to use our very popular Cover Calculator at Wizard Of Odds tool.

These examples had EU decimal odds, but you can also use UK fractional odds (3/1) and US +/- odds too or even combine them!

Wizard Of Odds also includes Odds Converter where you can convert odds each way possible. That is because different bookers shows odds at different styles. Read more about odds at Wikipedia.