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Statistics Pro: Time Machine

Our superb head-to-head (h2h, team comparison) statistics keeps getting new features! Now you can go back in time to any date and see all these stats re-calculated as of that time being. You will also see 1×2 odds from that date.

Open the demo page for our H2H Statistics Pro here if you can’t wait to see this in action or subscribe to the Statistics Pro service here to have full access.

While many of the statistics sites lets you see round by round of league tables and browse all historic results, we will give you every feature of our H2H stats re-calculated BEFORE the date you choose. For example:

  • your chosen amount of previous games with goal graph and total goals over/under summary, goal averages and more
  • team performance graph for last x games
  • national teams power ratings with historic graph (note: our power ratings are calculated from games played after 1.1.2000)
  • head-to-head results and summary with total goals over/under
  • against common opponents
  • longest streaks
  • league tables
  • last x games form
  • country vs country
  • + more
  • every sports we have
  • and you can also do all the data filtering there too (1. half/period, min/max odds, playoffs only etc)



The date on the left side is the odds date (“before 1.6.2012” that is) and on the right side it is the upcoming game date for Germany – Portugal. There is also a quick navigation to go back and forward in time by 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year:

You can then look for example how the odds has changed for this game day by day or week by week. Note: All the game dates are EET time zone (UTC +2).

Here is league table and form table example of Manchester City – Liverpool before 2.12.2013 (you can customize the number of games for the form):

Another nice feature is that by clicking any game result (opening the game report page) gives you a quick option to compare those teams BEFORE that game was played. Really nice way to do statistics research for profit in sports betting:


New: improved statistics for live betting, women sports added

New features to our Statistics Pro -service:

8.2.2014: Users can now easily choose totals limit (over / under x goals or points) for statistics. More intelligent “Against common opponents” feature now shows games that has less time interval between them + still being as latest games as possible.

9.2.2014: Improved live betting filtering: you can now also filter results after 2. period (ice hockey) or use BOTH 1. and 2. period filtering. For example showing results of games that are 1-1 after 1. period and 2-2 after 2. period (any kind of combos and results). You can now also show results of just 2. period (or 3.) when filtering on 1. period score.

Example on yesterday’s Russia – Germany women olympics ice hockey being 0-0 after 1. period (pre-game odds 1.30 – 6.00 – 6.50):

Above you can see all the 2. period results for any games where Russia has been great favorite (odds <= 1.30 decimal, you can also use fractional and US odds) and Germany as a major underdog (odds >= 6.00).

Example odds above from Betsson live betting for 2nd period total goals under 1.5. The score was Russia – Germany 0-1 after 2. period. Now let’s look how the teams has performed in similar situations after 2. period:

Now we have selected Russia 1 goal down and Germany 1 goal lead after 2. period. There were 3 similar games before this (note that there are also the odds filtering included: <= 1.30 for Russia and >= 6.00 for Germany) and not once had Germany held this lead. We also did some expanded search on Russia’s chances to win from behind at the 3. period (+incl. overtime & pen.) and Germany’s chance to keep the lead, before making the bet decisions.

Here you can see some example odds from Betsson for this kind of live betting. You can also calculate handicap statistics (pre-game or live betting) for example Russia -2.5 goals / Germany +2.5 goals after 1. period 2 goals lead by Russia (2 goals down by Germany). Really, really cool and easy way to study game data – especially for betting purposes.

As you noticed, we have now added many women’s sports statistics including:

If you have some statistics that we don’t yet have, and you can share that to us, please contact us.

Goal difference statistics added

How often does an ice hockey game end with one goal margin in the regular time? Or any league / sports – any goal margin. Are you afraid of empty net goal – especially in correct score betting and handicap betting? Choose league -> Special Statistics -> Score Stats. See demo: http://annabet.com/en/soccerstats/score_stats.php?serie=1&season=1 (English Premier League 2007-2008 demo)

Purchase Statistics Pro to get full access: http://annabet.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=60&language=en

Here is demo of NHL 2012-2013 season:

0 goal difference means the game has ended tie (regular time statistics only). On the actual statistics page you can mouseover percentages (%) to see value odds. For example 20.0% = EU decimal 5.00, UK 4/1 and US +400 value odds.

Statistics Tool

Our pure amazing sports statistics (betting) tool finally available in public! Too much features to list here (you should try the demo!) but I give you some examples: “show me games of team A vs team B in NHL playoffs where team A was heavy favorite with 1×2 odds under 1.5 and team B underdog with odds 3.00+ and also show me all these games results and statistics as -1.5 handicap for the team A!”

“Show me the 1st half 1×2% distribution where Arsenal was <1.40 odds heavy favorite at home and Stoke 4.50+ underdog at away and show me the current 1st half 1×2 odds comparison too!”

Basketball example: “show me how New York Knicks has played as heavy favorite with -9.5 handicap!”