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Soccer transfers & rumours

Service ends 31.10.2017

AnnaBet.com offers official lineups and expected lineups, injuries, suspensions and we now add transfer news & rumours to about 20 leagues. You will also see contract extensions and player loans and rumours. The latest news are at their own page under Soccerstats menu that says Transfer News. Registered users and Statistics Pro -customers gets longer list than visitors.

From our league pages you will see Transfer News on their own tab:

This data is also integrated to our superb head-to-head statistics so you will see all the transfer news for both teams when comparing them.

New players and contract extensions can boost team’s performance and on the other hand if player is rumoured to be moving to a new team he might not give the best effort if already planning of moving to the new team.


5000/1 Leicester land greatest upset in history

LEICESTER CITY have pulled off the greatest upset in history by defying odds of 5000/1 to win the Premier League according to Ladbrokes.

Tottenham’s draw with Chelsea hands the title to Leicester with two games to spare, sealing a £3m payout to City backers, 22 of whom held on to bets at 5000/1 resisting temptation to cash in throughout the season.

The fairytale win for Leicester secures windfalls of £100,000 (from £20), £73,500 (from £10 each way) and £10,000 for student and lifelong fan Karishma Kapoor, 20, who placed just £2 at the start of the season.

Kapoor said: “The first half did my nerves no favours, but I always had the faith we would do it at some point so I’m just ecstatic, not just due to the bet but for the team and the entire city. I’m on cloud 9 as a Leicester fan as it is and the bet is the icing on the cake. I’ll pay for the drinks tonight, save some of the money and spend the rest on a European away day next season.”

Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said:”The greatest sporting story of all time is no longer a dream. Leicester have officially landed the biggest upset ever seen and when it comes to this story going straight to Hollywood all bets are off.”

“We may be paying out record sums to Leicester backers but we do so with a smile and we have to applaud the handful of fans who took the mammoth odds at the start of the season. It’s been a thrill to be involved in this story from the off for a company which such a passion for sport.”

The win for Leicester has also been hailed as a game-changer by Ladbrokes who vow never to offer odds of 5000/1 again for any football team to win a league.

Donohue added: “The days of 5000/1 are over. We’ll never be so generous with odds again for an underdog, but we still forecast up to 50 times as much betting interest in outsiders for the title next season”.

Leicester City are 33/1 to win back to back titles with 100/1 offered about them winning the Champions League at the first attempt.

Leicester City 5000/1 biggest winners

£20 win  – £100,000
£10 each way – £73,5000
£5 each way – £33,333
£5 each way – £33,333
£2 win – £10,000
£1 each way – £6,666

47 bets at 5000/1 at start of season
25 cash outs
£3m payout

Ladbrokes latest betting:

Leicester City to win the 2016/17 title 33/1
Leicester City to win the 2016/17 Champions League 100/1

Other scenarios as likely, more likely and less likely than Leicester City winning the Premier League at 5000/1

  • Finding a pearl in an oyster 10,000/1
  • Aliens landing in the UK 5000/1
  • Loch Ness Monster being found 10000/1
  • FIFA hosting the 2026 World Cup in the Antarctic 5000/1
  • David Moyes to be an X Factor judge 2500/1
  • Arsenal to sack Arsene Wenger and install Piers Morgan as boss 2500/1
  • David Cameron to become Aston Villa manager 2500/1
  • Vinny Jones to win a Best Actor Oscar 2500/1
  • Jose Mourinho to go on I’m A Celebrity 1000/1
  • Sir Alex Ferguson to win Strictly Come Dancing 1000/1
  • Adebayo Akinfenwa to win BBC sports personality of the year
  • 1000/1
  • Yeovil winning the FA Cup 2016/17 5000/1
  • Leicester City/Jamie Vardy the movie to win an Oscar 1000/1

Odds from Ladbrokes

Leicester fan backs Burnley to land £133,333

5/5/2016 A LEICESTER City supporter has placed a £100 each way bet on Burnley winning the title next season at 1000/1.

The fan from Leicestershire – who landed a four figure sum backing his side for the title midway through the campaign – has staked £100 each way on the Clarets meaning £133,333 is up for grabs if the Premier League is won by a rank outsider for the second season running.

So far almost 100 times more bets have been placed on outsiders winning the 2016/17 title than at this point last year with Burnley (1000/1) and West Brom (1000/1) the most popular teams, while Leicester have also already been cut to 25/1 (from 33/1) to double up.

No bet bigger than £10 has been placed on 13/8 favourites Manchester City since Leicester secured the title.

Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said:”One Leicester fan clearly thinks his side will pass Burnley the baton and history will be made for the second season on the bounce.”

Ladbrokes latest betting:

Premier League winner 2016/17

Manchester City 13/8
Chelsea 9/2
Arsenal 5/1
Manchester Utd 6/1
Tottenham 7/1
Liverpool 11/1
Leicester 25/1
West Ham 100/1
Everton 150/1
Southampton 150/1
Stoke 350/1
Crystal Palace 500/1
Swansea 500/1
Bournemouth 750/1
Watford 1000/1
West Brom 1000/1
Burnley 1000/1

Expected lineups and official lineups to over 20 soccer leagues

Service ends 31.10.2017

A short time ago we added info on soccer player injuries and suspensions (link) and now you can also see expected lineups and official lineups (near game start) to over 20 soccer leagues in our head-to-head soccer statistics. Possible injuries are listed below lineups.

Injuries & suspensions to over 20 soccer leagues + shots on goals, corners etc.!

Service ends 31.10.2017

AnnaBet.com offers now information of soccer player injuries and suspensions to over 20 top leagues! Data is updated in every couple of hours. You can also see injuries for any team you compare in our head-to-head statistics if we have data available for the team(s).  This data is based on third party service. AnnaBet.com accepts no liability whatsoever for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions.

For these leagues we will also have detailed game statistics on shots, cards and corners, goal scoring minutes etc. for the latest games.  You can see these detailed statistics by clicking any game result.

Head-to-head statistics shows you also teams’ total shots on goal data when there is enough data available for the games listed (user can choose how many latest games to show and also filter the data by many great options):

More new features will be added in the near future – especially for our Statistics Pro -subscribers.

Here are the leagues where we currently have this new data available:

An Interview With FanTeam’s Most Successful Fantasy Manager So Far

He’s the man who won over €2,500 in fantasy football tournaments on FanTeam over last month, competing in almost all available leagues. He seems to be the guy you probably wouldn’t want to play Head-to-Head with. And he’s the most successful fantasy manager on our site up to date. FanTeam talked with ‘EventHorizon2’, giving you some insights about his fantasy background, how he’s picking his teams and what he thinks about Fantasy Sports in general.

You’re currently the most successful fantasy manager at FanTeam. Can you tell us about your fantasy football experience a bit more? Have you played season-long fantasy before or jumped straight into the DFS? Tell us about your fantasy football background.

I started out with fantasy football two years ago, playing the seasonal fantasy game, and really liking it. But I was new to the game, and it was hard to figure out all the tricks. So I ended up too far behind to have a chance, even with several months remaining in the league. Next season I focused on single round competitions. It just makes a lot more sense to me. It is easier to figure out. It is quick! You can bet on your team on Saturday morning, and if you win, you get your money on Sunday evening!

Before I started with fantasy football, I was doing sports betting for a couple of years, so I have been following football in general for 4-5 years.

As for Premier League, I have really only been following it for the last two years, as I was trying to succeed in the small leagues the years before that. Like the 2nd Dutch Division and Ligue 2 of France. Now I have settled on the Premier League. I love it!

Okay, now I see why you’re basically crushing the competition at FanTeam. What’s the main difference between playing DFS and sports betting in your opinion?

Well one big difference is that it is easier to win at! And the reason for that is clear: any time to play against “the house”, whether it is casino games or sports betting, you can be sure it will be very hard to win! In fantasy sports you bet against other players, that’s a better way to do it. Other than that, I find myself much more occupied on a “football player-level” now that I do fantasy football. I try to identify who are the good players on each team, and especially who are making goals and assists. So it is more on a detail level.

Very good point. In one of our recent EPL guaranteed tournaments you’ve taken three first places with completely different teams. That’s was spectacular to say least. How had you managed to do that, or was that pure chance? And also, how much time do you spend researching the players, match-ups and other factors?

Chance plays a part in this game like any other game. The best you can do is to try to pick the players you feel will get the most points, without doing compromises. If you are right, odds are you get a nice result. Getting the three top spots in the same round, however means that you got very lucky, in addition to probably making some good choices.

I do spend a lot of time on picking players. 5-6 hours every weekend, maybe more. I am focusing on the Premier League, but lately FanTeam have come out with many other leagues, so I try to enter some teams there too, because it is so much fun!

Speaking of different competitions. It seems you’re successful in most of the leagues on FanTeam, be it EPL, Bundesliga or Swedish leagues. How do you manage to be successful in so many different competitions? Do you follow all of the leagues?

I am not really that good in other leagues. Bear in mind, I do enter a lot of competitions and often more than one team, and because of that so it probably looks like I am better than I am. The Premier League is really the only league where I feel I have good control. I know a little bit about the other leagues because I still do some sports betting in many different leagues, but I am not an expert on Swedish Allsvenskan at all, or even Tippeligaen from Norway. My second best league is the Bundesliga, where I still lack quite a bit of knowledge. Probably, I will focus on PL and Bundesliga for the future, but still enter a few teams for small money in the other leagues, mostly for entertainment.

It’s great to hear that daily fantasy sports can be approached not only with the intention to win money, but also as a source of positive emotions. But we would like also to hear a couple of words about your line-up building approach. Are you trying to go against the void when picking your line-ups, predicting players that will have a lot of ownership and fail, or just sticking to the most secure options when building your teams?

At the moment, I am not placing a lot of weight on how much ownership a player has. This will probably be more important in the future, when fields get bigger. Right now I just pick what I believe to be the best players, the ones that can get most points.

I have some good, basic rules for picking players, if you want to hear them?

Of course!

1. Choose players from a team that fits with what you are trying to achieve. If you are looking for defenders or keepers, their team needs to be able to keep a clean sheet. If you are looking for midfielders or forwards, choose players from teams that are able to score many goals.

2. Choose players who play for teams that are underestimated by the bookmakers. The way the pricing works at Fanteam.com is this: Prices go up if the player is on a team that plays at home or plays against one of the bottom teams in the league. And vice versa, price goes down if the team has a tough task ahead of them. Interestingsly, this means that if you disagree with the bookmakers and feel that the odds on Stoke are too high, the prices on their players will be automatically be lower than they should be (provided that you are correct in your evaluation of the teams).

3. Be sure that the player you are considering actually will be in the starting line up. If it is only 50/50 if the player is going to start, I don’t care if it is Aguero, choosing him will not be a good choice. Even a 70% chance of starting is too low. So, don’t take chances with players that are doubtful starters.

This is very interesting indeed, thanks for sharing! We will not try to disclose all your strategies, so last tactical question from me. Strikers without any doubt are one of the top reasons of fantasy line-up success. How do you determine the striker is worth picking in a given gameweek?

Well, I look at how many goals he has scored in the past, I look at the opponent, if they tend to let in many goals, I try to determine if the striker is in good form, and finally if his team is underrated by the bookmakers, the price is probably worth it!

Good point. What would you say to a season-long player to try and get them to give daily Fantasy football a chance?

For me, once I tried the single round fantasy, there was no going back to the season-long game. The seasonal game just takes too long time, the prizes are few and almost impossible to win, and like I said earlier, I believe there are many “tricks” that beginners don’t know about (and it is hard to find information about them). I never felt like I was playing on an even playing field with the ones that had been playing for many years, but in single round competitions its 100% fair, easy and if you have a bad weekend, you still start off the next weekend without any handicap! Even though I really liked to play the seasonal game, moving on to single rounds made the experience many times better!

And also the substitutions! If you have forgotten to make them in season-long fantasy, your season may be already lost. Okay, my last question for today. What do you think needs to happen in the European Daily Fantasy Football industry for it to significantly grow? And do you see a bright future for DFS in Europe?

I think it is only a matter of time before daily fantasy football becomes really big in Europe. There is no reason it shouldn’t take off. Like American sports have done in the US. The product is just too good I think. As far as I know, there has not been spent a lot of money on marketing by the European sites, so I am guessing the majority of people have no idea DFS actually exists. With more marketing, this will change. I follow the numbers at Fanteam, and they are growing at a huge rate right now, so I believe by New Year the action will be 8-10 times bigger than it is now. I am really looking forward to that!

Thanks a lot for your time, it was really interesting to speak with you!

It was a pleasure!

Link: FanTeam