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New Auto Odds Range Filter

New ‘Auto Odds Range Filter’ in H2H statistics gives you 1-click option to filter similar odds games for both teams. For example in this Arsenal – Besiktas game you can see Arsenal games with 1.27 – 1.40 odds and Besiktas with 7.55 – 12.12 odds games by just click of the button. Odds filtering has been popular feature and no longer you need to make 8 clicks to manually adjust min-max odds for both teams (it is still possible to manually adjust values). Statistics filtering is available to our Statistics Pro customers.

After clicking here are the filtered results:

You choose the number of previous games from Customize Statistics page. Mouseovering any game result shows you average 1×2 odds. You can buy access to Statistics Pro here.

Statistics Pro: Time Machine

Our superb head-to-head (h2h, team comparison) statistics keeps getting new features! Now you can go back in time to any date and see all these stats re-calculated as of that time being. You will also see 1×2 odds from that date.

Open the demo page for our H2H Statistics Pro here if you can’t wait to see this in action or subscribe to the Statistics Pro service here to have full access.

While many of the statistics sites lets you see round by round of league tables and browse all historic results, we will give you every feature of our H2H stats re-calculated BEFORE the date you choose. For example:

  • your chosen amount of previous games with goal graph and total goals over/under summary, goal averages and more
  • team performance graph for last x games
  • national teams power ratings with historic graph (note: our power ratings are calculated from games played after 1.1.2000)
  • head-to-head results and summary with total goals over/under
  • against common opponents
  • longest streaks
  • league tables
  • last x games form
  • country vs country
  • + more
  • every sports we have
  • and you can also do all the data filtering there too (1. half/period, min/max odds, playoffs only etc)



The date on the left side is the odds date (“before 1.6.2012” that is) and on the right side it is the upcoming game date for Germany – Portugal. There is also a quick navigation to go back and forward in time by 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year:

You can then look for example how the odds has changed for this game day by day or week by week. Note: All the game dates are EET time zone (UTC +2).

Here is league table and form table example of Manchester City – Liverpool before 2.12.2013 (you can customize the number of games for the form):

Another nice feature is that by clicking any game result (opening the game report page) gives you a quick option to compare those teams BEFORE that game was played. Really nice way to do statistics research for profit in sports betting:


Statistics Pro customer demo

A group of bettors from Slovakia were kind enough to send us this demo of their Statistics Pro using examples:

“We are group of bettors from Slovakia and we are supporting company annabet as they prepare for us many specific data we were looking for, but still there is more to do with data they have. Today we would like to present 1st HT (halftime) research and how to use it for betting.

Many sport sites shows tables 1HT/FT or 1HT table. But there is not easy to find home/away tables for halftimes results. This is not the biggest different, but to find h2h for halftimes is really one of the most valuable stats research on the site for us. We are using these kind of bets as one of the most profitable.

See betradar 1st HT table and maximum what we can get from i tis total games, wins, draws, loses and score.

Tables at annabet can be also wider in the future, but it is enough to see all games, home, away and form of 1st HT! You can find them in every h2h of team when you specify to search and show 1st HT results only.

Here is specification what you can made in top menu of each h2h. As you can see on the picture we made basic specification. Added only home games of Stutt.Kickers and only away games of Elversberg. Then we choose only German 3rd league and then we can choose only season 2013-2014. So the previous games for away team are 1-9-0 and results 0-0 are 90%. In the graph we can see percentage of scored and concided goals and average of goals. It is up to each bettor then what is interesting for him. If continue to play low score for 1st halftime (like 0-0 exact score or under 1.0 goal for example) or play that this serie of result will be broken adn the number of goals will be over this time. Everybody has different systems and strategies how to use this kind of data and its own money management plan. But this kind of result gives big percentage of probability you have to thing how to use it for your winnings (pregame, live betting or use betting exchange).

One of the most important data annabet give us as payed users in rest of h2h stats. You can see fair probability and fair odds of each team in the specific period and then it calculates automatically as an average of both team. Also you can see directly what you can expect (in long run) and what is the real odd on market (immediately you can see if you find value on market or not).

Another great thing is serie of result (it is great to know when you have more games for each team after specification). This is also interesting for many bettors as you can follow trends of teams in long run or catch trends which have same or similar progress. You can see all time trends and current trends of each team.

There is also one example of big favorit vs big outsider by the bookies prediction. Again i tis up to each user what odds to set up for calculation as we have our own system. As you see w wanted to see results of Barcelona at home as favorit from 1.15 up to 1.20 and at the same time Valenica at away as heavy outsider from odd 8.00 and higher (when we left empty 2nd odd at highest it calculates all big odds). It is expectation there will be just games at Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atl. Madrid as they can be only big favorits against Valencia in spanish top league. So you can see how good Valenica is in 1st HT and they lost only 2 games from 8 in the 1HT as heavy outsider!

So we there was a time to start to think about the value in this game and we would say we find even better one. As you see in the picture there is average calculation of both team for 1HT number of total goals under 1.5 with 69% in long run, where Barcelona played as heavy favorit 48 games with 62% under 1.5 total goals in all 1st HT. And this is one of the most important data we can use and work with it right now and during the match.”

Goal difference statistics added

How often does an ice hockey game end with one goal margin in the regular time? Or any league / sports – any goal margin. Are you afraid of empty net goal – especially in correct score betting and handicap betting? Choose league -> Special Statistics -> Score Stats. See demo: http://annabet.com/en/soccerstats/score_stats.php?serie=1&season=1 (English Premier League 2007-2008 demo)

Purchase Statistics Pro to get full access: http://annabet.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=60&language=en

Here is demo of NHL 2012-2013 season:

0 goal difference means the game has ended tie (regular time statistics only). On the actual statistics page you can mouseover percentages (%) to see value odds. For example 20.0% = EU decimal 5.00, UK 4/1 and US +400 value odds.