WooFBet becomes FanTeam: A new standard in Daily Fantasy Football is born!

WooFBet has been one of the most popular Daily Fantasy Football providers and some of the readers might be already familiar with the name. WooFBet has been re-branded to FanTeam over the summer, and the new website has been officially launched last week!

First of all: if you are an existing WooFBet customer, all your account information has been transferred to FanTeam. You can login with your existing username/password and find all your gaming history and funds are there. Second of all: FanTeam will be bigger, better and it will also look nicer! We go through some of the changes and features next, which should make you interested to go try your daily fantasy skills.

The biggest change is the expansion of leagues and countries. FanTeam offers now 12 different European top leagues, which no other daily fantasy football site compares to. UEFA Champions League is there of course and newcomers include Germany 1.Bundesliga and Spanish Primera Divison. Barclay’s Premier League is naturally included, and now FanTeam offers also English Championship which should interest many English football fans.

One important FanTeam feature is dynamic pricing. If Sergio Aguero has an away fixture at Stamford Bridge or a home fixture against Watford, the price should vary a lot. At FanTeam Aguero and every other player in every league is dynamically changed based on their current fixture. If they are more likely to score, the price also goes up aggressively. This makes the game more challenging and interesting for everyone.

FanTeam offers plenty of Guaranteed Prize Pools to each round and there is also always a big Freeroll each week. Today there are tournaments open to 7 different leagues and currently over €4500 EUR in prize pools. Saturday’s offers include:


… and many, many more!

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